Our Sanitizer Service Makes Surfaces Cleaner and Safer in Falls Church, VA

High-traffic areas can turn into a hazard because you don’t know what potentially harmful pathogens you may find. Our sanitizer service ensures that every surface is clean and safe to use. Just imagine visiting a Gym in Falls Church, VA. This is a place where people who want to be healthier go, however, the equipment is constantly handled with sweaty and most likely dirty hands. We can create a program to give your treadmills, lat towers, and weights a round of 90-day anti-microbial protection with our EverPURE™ certified solutions. Getting our gym cleaning services will make your property safer, our disinfecting foggers penetrate every area to guarantee extra protection. 

Ask About Our Daycare Cleaning Services

We know how important it is for parents to know that their children are in a safe place. Ensure that your kids are going to a place that has the EverPURE™ stamp of approval! This is a two-part cleaning and sanitizing system where we go through every single toy and tabletop to create a barrier against viruses and bacteria. The first part of the process is called InstaPURE™. It consists of using a dry and ultra penetrating sanitizing fogger that leaves no residues. Then we complement this with the EverPURE™ process to create a protective barrier around surfaces ensuring that every area will be microbe-free for up to 90 days. 

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Your Kids and Clients Won't Get Sick

The task of gym or daycare cleaning sounds daunting and nearly impossible. There are too many objects to take care of, and in the end, every surface will get dirty again, right? At Pure Maintenance of Washington D.C., we developed a sterilization program where all surfaces remain microbe-free for up to three months. Our sanitizer service is perfect to create cleaner and safer areas for your kids or clients. Get in touch with our team in Falls Church, VA, to learn more.