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6510 Overbrook Street Falls Church , VA 22043
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Powhatan Springs Park is a great combination of a park and a perfect place for recreational activities. The park is located at 6020 Wilson Boulevard in Boulevard Manor, neighboring Arlington. It’s named after a spring located on its southeast part, named after a renowned chief, Powhatan.

Powhatan Spring Park features a skate park, children’s rain garden, rectangular athletic field, drinking fountains, ample parking, and restrooms. The combination of a skate park, a rain garden, and a recreational field creates an environment that is ideal for everyone.

The park is ideal for people of all ages. Adults can walk around and enjoy the beautiful view in the serene environment while teens and youths have the opportunity to participate in various recreational activities, including skating. Younger children can spend time playing in the rain garden. It’s a world of endless fun.

Here is a quick breakdown of the special features found in the park.


Children’s Rain Garden

You’re going to find both a bio-retention and a children’s learning experience in one place. The bioretention area is where stormwater runoff passes through man-made wetlands. The stormwater is cleaned and collected other than getting disposed off into the drainage system. 

The environment around the rain garden is characterized by native lush grass. There is a well-designed culvert that directs water into a four-mile run. You will also see an adjacent path that serves as a link between the park, an elementary school, and the neighborhood. The rain garden also features a unique pump that gives kids the feeling of playing in the rain.


Skate Park

Powhatan Springs Park’s popularity is mostly credited to the beautiful 16,000-square meter skate park. The skate park features modern and retro elements combining a snake zone, two bowls, and a street area.

The skate park operates in strict times with managed sessions, free skate sessions, and BMX bike sessions forming part of it. There are also strict rules to follow before you can take part in skating and biking activities.

One of the most important rules is the helmet requirement for all skating sessions, and you need to carry yours from home because the park doesn’t rent helmets. The skating times change with weather and holidays.


Rectangular Grass Field

One of Arlington’s goals is to allow public access to more recreational facilities, and that’s why they provide well-maintained fields. Large groups of people who want to use the field must acquire a valid permit.

However, if you are in a group of 10 or less, you don’t need a permit to use the fields from Mid-March to Mid-November during the day. The fields are spacious enough to allow all kinds of people to participate in different activities such as kite flying, kicking the ball, building a snowman, throwing a Frisbee, and a wide range of other recreational activities. If your group intends to participate in structured games or special events, you must get a permit.

If you get the chance to visit the Powhatan Springs Park, you will love the intriguing architectural work. The architects were also thoughtful enough to ensure visitors get different places to sit throughout the park. You will also love how clean the entire park is and the exciting view characterized by trees, beautiful architectural work, and green native grass.

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