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6510 Overbrook Street Falls Church , VA 22043
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Proper mold remediation is essential to ensure the structural integrity of any property, and the health and well-being of any residents or occupants. But traditional means of mold removal, while often effective, are laborious, messy, and invasive. Our method is the opposite. It’s fast, affordable, demolition-free, and, most importantly, highly effective.

With the mission of becoming the best mold remediation Northern VA and Washington D.C. service, our patent-protected Dry Fogging technology is simply a better way to destroy mold throughout all a property. 

We Pride Ourselves On Being One Of The Most Professional Mold Damage Contractors In The Northern Virginia And Washington D.C. Area With The Highest Reviews… And Here’s Why.

  1. Unlike Most Mold Abatement And Restoration Companies In Northern Virginia And Washington D.C. Our Demolition Free Mold Removal Process Can Penetrate Drywall, HVAC Air Ducts, And Even Works Wonders On Wood.
  2. Our Certified Mold Experts Are Ready To Remediate Any Residential Or Commercial Building. It Doesn’t Matter If It’s A House Or Business, Our Mold Remediators Have Experience With All Types Of Jobs, Including Black Mold Removal.

Our Experts Are Not Only Experienced In Doing Mold Removal For Homes… But For Cars As Well. Unlike Other Companies, We Also Offer Car Mold Removal Services.

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Our patent-protected Dry Fog system utilizes a two-step process to destroy mold. 

Our Dry Fog technology is a two-step system that kills and protects – and it’s been vetted and approved not just by property owners across the United States, but also by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Contact us today to learn more about the Dry Fog technology and how it offers a faster, more effective mold remediation solution.


As we mentioned, the biggest benefit associated with our Dry Fog system is that it’s demolition and mess-free. While many mold remediation contractors take a “spot” approach to removal – that is, removing and eventually replacing impacted building materials – the Dry Fog system treats the entire property.

This means that it can capture and destroy mold spores far beyond what’s visible to the naked eye – and it can do this without the need for saws, dumpsters, specialty blasting equipment or harsh chemicals. Aside from being demolition and mess-free, there are other benefits associated with using the Dry Fog system for mold removal:

It’s fast

Conventional mold removal methods can require property owners to vacate the premises for several days – or even weeks or months – while remediation is being carried out. The Dry Fog system kills mold fast, so fast that property owners are able to re-enter the property about 45 minutes after we’re finished.

It’s affordable

There’s no laborious and messy demolition and reconstruction. There’s no need to set up containment barriers. And there’s no need to move furniture and contents off the property during treatment. The Dry Fog system is designed to permeate all surfaces and belongings to kill all mold that is present – whether it’s seen or unseen.

kills pathogens

It kills more than just mold: Aside from destroying mold, the Dry Fog system also kills pathogens, viruses, and bacteria to improve the indoor environment of residential and commercial properties. Learn more about our Disinfecting Services.


Most properties can be treated in one day.

No, the moisture content is very low. It won’t damage any item in the home and it leaves no residue behind.


This technology has been used effectively for more than a decade. We also use an independent third-party lab to test the property following treatment and verify that it worked. We offer a one-year warranty on your services.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, contact us for a free visual mold inspection from a certified mold inspector. We also provide air quality testing.

We surface clean following treatment, but there is a chance that some mold may still be visible. Know that this mold is now harmless and can be cleaned, wiped away, or painted over.


Pure Maintenance Of Washington D.C. proudly services Fairfax County VA and the surrounding Northern VA counties including Washington D.C. and Montgomery County in MD.

If you’re looking to get an estimate for mold remediation please call, our Fairfax office (703)-952-3234.  Please keep in mind that part of our process, in providing you with an accurate estimate for remediation, is to come out to the home or business and perform a free visual mold inspection.