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Looking for professional Air Quality Testing Services In Fairfax V.A.

As the No. 1 mold remediation firm in Fairfax V.A., we'll perform an air quality test if there's no sign of visible mold to help alleviate your concerns.

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Our Professional Air Quality Testing: How it Works

We perform commercial and residential air quality testing by pulling air through a cassette, which is designed to collect airborne hazards. We’ll then send this cassette to an independent, third-party lab to analyze the sample and determine the results. Once we get the sample back, we’re able to get a snapshot of the property’s indoor environment and then formulate a plan for treating any mold issues that are present.


Air quality testing is designed to either confirm that treatment was done correctly or test the building when there are no visible signs of mold within the building. If you use our tested air quality testing protocols and observing results, a certified mold professional can learn a lot about what is really going on within a building.


If an air quality sample displays elevated mold spore counts, then mold remediation should be administered to resolve the problem and return the property to working order. We utilize a two-step, non-invasive Dry Fogging procedure when we perform this service, which uses approved sterilants and antimicrobials to eliminate mold.


Air contaminants can derive from a variety of sources and can have a harmful effect on you and your family’s wellbeing. It’s why it’s suggested to take corrective action at the first sign of any issue. While one of our certified mold inspectors can usually find the presence of mold growth with a visual inspection, air quality testing can also help identify the presence of other air contaminants as well. Aside from mold spores, some of these pollutants include:


It’s essential to act fast at the first sign of any air quality issue, as certain hazards can have a serious impact on the overall health of you and your family. For example, a large number of people are sensitive to mold, and repeated exposure to it if it’s growing within the home can lead to a variety of health issues that range from minor to major. Some of these health issues include:


The best thing we can hear from our customers is their total satisfaction with our mold and mildew testing and mold and mildew remediation services in Fairfax V.A. Down below is what several of our customers have actually claimed about our mold inspection and removal solutions:

Our Core Value

At Pure Maintenance, we understand that helping our customers in Fairfax V.A. diagnose and treat indoor air quality issues is much more than a routine service, but a service that can significantly improve their environmental living conditions and help increase their overall quality of life. We take this responsibility of helping our clients very seriously by only employing the most competentmold testers and using the industry’s best solutions for diagnosis and clean up procedures.

Whether we find mold growth via a visual inspection or confirm the presence mold with an air quality test, know that we’re committed to seeing the job through and properly cleaning the mold via our Dry Fogging process. When we leave the job, you can feel confident that the service we provided eliminated the mold and prevented it from coming back. And we’ll inspect and verify so you can have peace of mind that our proven {process| worked.

To get to the conclusion of any environmental issues in your home or office, contact Pure Maintenance today. get to the bottom of any indoor air quality issue through reliable testing and effective mold remediation.

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Our Mold Removal Process Does More Than Your Mind Can Imagine

How To Find And Select The Best Mold Inspection And Testing Company In The Fairfax VA Area

Here’s A Look At Some Of The Secrets To Finding A Great Mold Inspection And Testing Company To Work With:

With regards to the environmental quality of your home or property, the well being of its citizens are both your own and our leading concern. It’s the reason it’s essential to locate a respectable, solid firm to take care of such air quality problems. Every property owner experiences some kind of hazard that might require a examination or removal eventually.