6510 Overbrook Street Falls Church , VA 22043
Mon-Sat 24/7 Sun Closed
6510 Overbrook Street Falls Church , VA 22043
Mon-Sat 24/7 Sun Closed


If you love trekking for fresh air or you just want to appreciate nature, Howard E Herman Park is the best place to be. The beautiful park located in the City of Falls Church offers spectacular natural beauty. The City of Falls Church in Virginia is a heavily urbanized area. Residents, as well as visitors, need to breathe fresh air and that is what this magnificent park offers.

Howard E Herman Stream Valley Park is naturalized vegetation that was recently exposed to an Understory Restoration Project as a result of a partnership between the Earth Sangha and the City of Falls Church.

The project, which was finalized in 2019 with a contribution of well-wishers and volunteers, has since borne fruit in coming up with one of the best places for recreation, nature walk, and educational resources. There are a lot of things to do in this tranquil environment with your loved ones.


Walk, Run, And Bike At The Park

The recently developed park in the city is expected to preserve the natural resources and ensure residents participate in activities that promote good health. It also provides an environment for educating the locals in everything concerning nature, biology, and a healthy lifestyle.

There are a lot of things that you can do in this park, including hiking, biking, and nature walk. The park also provides a convenient bridge between the retail corridor on West Broad and Thomas Jefferson Elementary.

This allows runners, cyclists, and walkers to travel easily between the two places without crossing the heavy auto traffic, making it the city’s best infrastructural improvement.


Experience A Blend Of Nature And Sculpture

Howard E. Herman Stream Valley Park has been developed and renovated to form one of the city’s best parks. This is evident right from the entrance, with a grand gateway showing a clear indication of what to expect inside.

In your next stop, you will come across a brickwork compass dial which is another additional feature that makes the park spectacular. Everything within the park is up-to-date since its renovation just finalized in 2019.

You can see the new plantations by the Understory project volunteers as well as the new public art installation courtesy of the local artist Marc Robarge. The whole park is a perfect blend of nature and exemplary human art that brings out a spectacular view of the park that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

The Howard E. Herman Stream Valley Park and Crossman Park are the only two up to standard sites in the City of Falls Church with a wide array of natural features. The beautiful trees and the stream passing right through the park forms part of its amazing beauty.

The recent initiative to preserve and conserve the parks is one of the best moves to ensure residents in the City of Falls Church experience the beauty of natural resources with a well-managed forest. The beautiful wetland biological habitat is also a perfect educational resource for residents and visitors.

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