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6510 Overbrook Street Falls Church , VA 22043
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Our Dry Fogging technology doesn’t just affordably, conveniently, and effectively remove mold from the properties it treats, but it’s also a proven pathogen removal system. And just as mold remediation is key to a healthy indoor environment, so too is eliminating the likes of bacteria and viruses that have the potential to survive on hard surfaces and certain contents, causing residents or building occupants to fall ill.

In a residential setting, regular trips to the doctor’s office or hospital can cause medical bills to pile up and financially tax a family. And in a commercial setting, you may be held liable for any workers or customers that fall ill and can link it back to your property. It’s why it makes sense to take matters into your own hands and have your property thoroughly disinfected. We can help.

With the goal of becoming the top mold remediation and pathogen removal contractor in Virginia, we’re pleased to offer a system that destroys everything it comes into contact with, and then protects for months to come.


Dry Fog technology is proven in destroying and protecting against harmful viruses such as ringworm; MRSA; CDiff; anthrax; the flu; Staph; H1N1; hand, foot and mouth; and coronavirus. We stand behind our work by offering a one-year warranty on our services.


Dry Fog technology uses a two-step process to disinfect properties and form a “germ barrier” that will protect for up to 90 days. First, we’ll administer InstaPURE, an EPA-registered and FDA-approved product. InstaPURE will fill the entire property, and get down into every little nook and cranny, destroying all germs and bacteria that it comes into contact with.

We’ll follow up the InstaPURE application with a dose of EverPURE, another EPA-registered and FDA-approved product designed to destroy pathogens and form a germ barrier that will last for up to three months.

The Dry Fog system truly destroys and protects – and the end result is a property that’s healthy, and one you feel confident walking into or waking up in each day.


While the Dry Fog System can be used for pathogen removal in any property, it’s especially ideal for commercial businesses or child care centers where germs are more common and people have a greater likelihood of getting sick. Some examples of these types of properties and businesses include:

  1. Day care centers
  2. Indoor play areas
  3. School buildings
  4. Gyms
  5. Sports center locker rooms
  6. Community centers
  7. Medical offices and hospitals
  8. Nursing homes and assisted living centers


There’s no residue following the process, and although there may be a vinegar-like odor, it goes away on its own within about a day. Following treatment, many clients also report that the air feels lighter.

No. In fact, you’d need a belt sander to undo this treatment after we’ve performed it. EverPURE forms a covalent bond with the surfaces that it comes into contact with and cannot be wiped away for 90 days.

Yes, both InstaPURE and EverPURE are EPA-registered and FDA-approved, and safe to use in both residential and commercial settings. What’s more is after they’re done working, your property will become much safer by removing any mold or pathogens that are present.

Not long at all. In fact, most treatments take place within one day and we allow property owners to reenter the premises after about 45 minutes from the time we’re done.

Simply put, a standard hand cleaning and disinfection only treats certain areas of the property, or spot treats, while our Dry Fog technology treats a property in its entirety. This gives property owners peace of mind that our treatment has permeated every square inch of their property, destroying anything in its path and protecting it afterward.


e furthermore take substantial pride in being amongst the outright best mold removal & screening solutions around. We will react to your call quickly in order to aid safeguard your valuables as well as reduce any type of form of damages to your home or company.