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6510 Overbrook Street Falls Church , VA 22043
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If you love flowers or you are a photographer looking for a beautiful floral backdrop for your engagement or wedding photos, Bon Air Park Rose Garden is the place to be. The garden is situated within Bon Air Park that sits on a 24-acre land at 850 N Lexington, St.  Arlington, Virginia. The garden has a spectacular range of different kinds of rose flowers neatly arranged and interspersed with spectacular wooden park benches, walking paths, and small gazebos.

The Arlington Rose foundation serves as a strategic partner to the park and advises on how to plant the flowers. Enjoy the shade, azalea, sun, and ornamental tree gardens all in one place. The garden also features picnic areas complete with charcoal grills and nice pathways.


Brief History About The Park

In 1937, a lady named Nellie Broyhill, together with her husband and five kids, moved to Arlington from North Carolina. Seven years later, as the Second World War drew to a close, an article published in one of the leading newspapers in the country noted that cities across the United States were honoring their fallen soldiers with living memorials.

Nellie, an avid flower gardener whose own yard was located on North Vermont Street and boasted a wide range of rose flowers, started thinking about how she could own the heroes and heroines from Arlington.

As a result, she embarked on a journey of creating the Arlington Rose Garden Foundation that would honor the local World War II veterans, including her son named Joel, who would go on to become a Virginia Congressman. Although this was a complicated journey that was once slowed down due to a lack of proper funding, Nellie never gave up.

Instead, she enlisted donations from different sources, including local churches, to ensure her dream came true. After many years of hard work and patience, the Arlington Rose Garden was officially opened in 1951 and relocated to its current spot in Bon Air Park in 1964 when the expansion of Virginia Hospital center claimed much of the land that had initially been reserved for the flower garden.

Nellie’s Bench, dedicated to her in 1978 after her death in 1977, sits west of a special stone plaque honoring the over 800 Arlingtonians involved in World War II. It is a fine spot for viewing the amazing rose garden.  It is also the perfect spot to stop and smell the flowers.


Ideal Destination For Photographers

There are no access restrictions to the garden day or night, and there is no problem taking photographs. In fact, a significant number of couples choose the rose garden as their wedding venue thanks to the beautiful and wide collection of different types of rose flowers.

You don’t need advance permissions or permits for personal, engagement, wedding, or family photos. However, photograph shoots for commercial use require booking and a valid permit. The garden is strategically located on a bike path connecting it directly to the Custis Trail that runs towards DC and the W&OD Trail.


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