Air Quality Testing Services in Falls Church, VA

If you’re experiencing regular eye, skin or nose irritation, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, or other symptoms while inside your building, then there’s a strong likelihood that you have poor indoor air quality. If there’s an issue with your indoor air environment, you can count on us to do a professional air quality test in Falls Church, VA.
Whether it’s via a visual mold inspection or by administering an air quality test to help detect potential mold that isn’t visible to the naked eye, if there’s a problem, you can trust us to find it.
And if we do detect something, we’ll work with you on a plan to treat and eliminate the problem.

Contact us today and we can help you get to the bottom of things and improve your health.

How Indoor Air Quality Tests Work

A simple air quality test, which works by pulling indoor air through a specialty cassette, is a simple, yet effective way to take a snapshot of a property’s indoor air quality. This cassette will collect airborne particulates, and we’ll then send this sample off to an independent, third-party lab for analysis.
We use EuroFins E M Lab P & K, which happens to be one of the largest in the United States, in order to determine the overall quality of your air.
The results allow us to determine the extent of any indoor environmental issues and craft a proper plan to treat said issues. While many indoor environmental issues can be diagnosed with a visual inspection, others cannot. In some cases, property owners may request an air quality test. We’re always happy to perform an air quality test upon request to either give property owners peace of mind or help better understand what issues they may be dealing with so we can best determine how to treat them.
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Get a Residential Air Quality Test Done Today

Indoor air quality issues in your home can have a direct impact on your overall quality of life. It’s why, if you suspect an issue, we strongly recommend that you contact us immediately so it can be identified and addressed. Long-term indoor air quality issues can cause issues like forgetfulness, brain fog, headaches, cold symptoms, and even such serious problems as early onset dementia and organ failure. Indoor mold is a massive health risk, and often causes problems that require assistance from a specialized medical professional. That’s why a professional residential air quality test is essential.

As a mold removal company in Falls Church, VA, we also serve clients in these areas:

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